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anxiety make my life hard

hi to all friend my english is not strong but i try to post a comment about my anxiety 34 years old male im suffering anxiety about 16 years ago from starting up to now i have tomuch sympatos like heart pain kidney pain headache sound in my eyers stomach pain not sleep well always on bad tinking tomuch feeling very boor every time going to see the doctor i have many test done but noting wrong all my test r normal but im not accepting that im thinking the doctor didn't understand. And also im thinking this not anxiety.many medicine i try for long time but not geeting well.i have more many sympatos like waight loss memory loss some time rush in body tired evry time im so worry can come one help me how to go out from these things.

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Hi srehman, Welcome to the anxiety forum. I hope that we can ease your fears some. It is important that you have a doctor to look over your medical condition. Once it is said that you have anxiety then you have 2 choices. Either to seek another doctor's opinion or accept the fact that your tests are normal. You seem to be suffering from a lot of different symptoms and I can understand how it makes you feel that it cannot possibly be nothing.

Has the doctor mentioned anxiety or depression to you? If it is, then it is possible that these pains and symptoms are coming from stress. Your lifestyle, your problems, your family life.

You mentioned medicine doesn't work but have you been able to have therapy? We are here to understand and support you.


It sounds like health anxiety. Because of your thoughts. you are making everything a lot worse. I know how difficult it is. Ask your doctor about an anti depressant that may help. Often we get a mild symptom but because of our worry and anxiety the problem escalates. You are not on your own. Health anxiety is getting more common. Do you check your symptoms on the internet that is lethal, it will only cause more worry. Take care

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Do you mind telling me where you come from


i am from pakistan


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