Run away from it all

I want to run away , far away and be on my own. I feel likeim dying so rather than bring everyone down with me i should just leave and do it alone. Im dying i know i am. I dont want to work,get outof bed, or plan buying a house with my bf which we plan to do. I look forward to nothing as i know ill be dead. Everyone will carry on astho i never existed. My bf will find someone else and forget me so i should just move it on quickly


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  • Oh honey! :( the mind is a powerful tool and it can take us places we don't want to be. Try breathing and relaxing your mind and tell yourself you are loved and there are people that need you. I'm here if you need to talk k

  • Thabk tou faithhope , i feel lost. I have no1 to talk to. No1 understands me. I feel i have so many symptoms and am dying. I have a lump behind my knee which the doctor says is a cyst but i dont believe as my whole leg gets pains and he said cysts dont cause pain. Im scared every second that im dying. I cant look forward to anything i dont have a life. frightnened. I wish i didnt have anyone to love or be loved bt then i woudnt care so much about dying and leaving my loved ones or them losing me. Im so exhausted i dont k ow what to do lost

  • Hi kylie I no how u feel been there done that I just lost my mum just over a week ago and I have been very down but im fighting back I no there will be better days and better times ahead we have people who love us and want us to be happy I know a lot of the negative thoughts we have are just that thoughts so we need to get ourselves in to that positive frame of mind we deserve to have a good life. My thinking is that we have been posting are anxiety on here for months and we're still here so physically there is nothing wrong with us our anxiety can be dealt with so you just hang on in there it will get better

  • Thank you. Im so so sorry for your loss. X

  • Hi Kylie, It's so awful that you feel the way you do. I've been there myself. Please go to your GP and talk to them. They will understand your syptoms and will be able to put you in touch with talking therapies or cognitive therapies and possibly find a suitable medication to. I have used all of these in the past and it has honestly helped me out of some truly dark periods in my life. Please talk to people... you will be amazed how much support is there for you. I hope this helps. You can feel better again. But don't push yourself to hard or you will beat yourself up... baby steps.

  • Kylie. I know what it's like being lost in your own mind, the mind is so powerful that it can make you think something is wrong with even if nothing is wrong with you, I know it's hard but try thinking or doing something that once made you so happy and keep doing that, then your mind will let out feel good medicine and before you know it everything will be better, it's hard but once you keep doing it, it will become easy and BOOM a light comes on and you'll be back to your normal happy self. Prayers you to and I'm here if you need someone k hugs!

  • Thanks for all the replies its so nice knowing people are or have been through this. I do feel so alone. I wake myself ib the night and cry and need to turn the light on because i feel scared. Its like iv gone back to being a child with frightening thoughts and dreams. Im so tired physically and mentally because of this. I just want to be happy and be excited about life. My bf keeps mentioning g children ,its all iv ever wanted but i cant bare to even talk about it because i believe im not going tk be here. It breaks my heart. I feel so selfish becausei know other people are like this and are actually ill and here i am being pathetic. Iv tried talking to my doctors they get fed up of me and just offer me counciling but say ut can take mo ths as there is a big waiting list. I need help now . Thabk you everyone i really appreciate you understanding and caring txts

  • Kylie I am always up to talk. If you have Kik hit me up. I have many people on here I all to daily. I am in the same boat as you and i had no one to talk to either which was incredibly hard on me cause I just kept it in and made things worse.

    Talking does help

  • Thank you so much, i feel very alone. Everybody has started shuttin me off telling me that im mental and i have problems which obviously im aware of but need help. I hope you are doing ok x

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