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Why everyday i say that when night will come i will stay alone in the room and i will find the solution about my situation with anxiety..

But night comes and goes and i cant find any solution...

Every day every night the same story...

Anxiety is ruining my life... i cant enjoy what i used to enjoy...

Two questions

Does anybody know how much time does it take to full recovery... i have 3 years with it..

And why some things like hiking or staying with people even with anxiety i have done it perfectly one year ago ... and now seems very hard... ??

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Everyone is different and sometimes it never goes particularly if there are reinforcing factors such as your frustrating failing daily efforts to get rid of it.

If your anxiety is reducing social contact and exercise motivation and activities it will adversely affect fitness.

Some of the best treatments for anxiety are increasing exercise and social activity and they are free from side effects!

Good luck


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I have such hig anxiety I lost my job in mental health gained25 pounds cortisol belly take medication restrict food intake my breasts have grown two cup sizes and hurt and I am 55 and want to be 97 pounds again any suggestions?


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