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I feel I'm about to have a stroke or something

I get light headed, tense, tingly, off balance and blurry vision. I question if my eyes are going to roll in the back of my head and just start seizuring in front of everybody at the store. It's scary when it's happening while I'm driving to, I had to pull over a couple times, which made it worse because I don't want to stroke out and someone find me! Sitting doing breathing exercises didn't help much in the moment, neither did visualizing a nature place. I stubble up my apartment stairs into my room, I walk past my dad (he lives with me) without a single word, I didn't want to talk about it. I'm lying on my bed trying to breathe it out, but I think I'm going to die. So I got on the Internet, signed up to this group and low and behold. I don't think I'm going to die now but I am a little nervous about going to work and my head feels stuffy. I came on here to find more accurate words to describe the feelings, situations and circumstances that cause these things. Truth be told I too once thought the was something physically wrong with me, but I saw a therapist and he said I was an introvert that's always in my thoughts and it shallows my breathing. He told me to visualize a place in nature, where you're just sitting watching the sunrise over a majestic mountain listening to the wind swirl and the birds chirp and notice the temperature of your face and the inner feeling that it's all going to be ok. It takes practice, he said, to get good at it. Over the past month my symptoms have improved and my social life is better, however I'm chasing that inner feeling that I want to have when I need it most. I did do some drinking last night and smoked a few cigarettes too, even saw a girl that I had feelings for at one point but ignored her all night. Either way, these panic attacks are intense and scary and happen maybe once every two weeks, I may just need to lay off the caffeine and get my life together. It's still encouraging to know I'm not the only one that's deals with this bull shit, and I can't wait to read and reply to these post, maybe we can meet up for coffee and talk about the crazy shit we go though! Anyway, just thankful to be alive, hit me up if you want to talk.

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Hello & Welcome :-)

So glad you have not died and found us to talk to instead :-/

Seriously though when we have these thoughts they are very real and very frightening but rather than a stroke I think it is more a panic attack that engulfs you

Maybe drinking alcohol does not suite you as I know quiet a few find after drinking they feel so much worse and as you did after you had been out that is something to think about :-)

Shame you could not bring yourself to speak to the girl that you liked but maybe set yourself a challenge that you will next time , this could be someone that might enhance your life or even if just a friend could be someone to talk to :-)

Sorry about the lack of replies , sometimes it get's so busy on here with members posting that some get lost in the traffic , if you give it a couple of days and post again and especially if it is quieter you may fine members will see it and say hello but don't let it put you of talking on here as you will see there are a lot of unanswered posts and it is nothing personal :-)

I also think when we join on line Communities it is all wise to get to know people really well before we decide whether to form friendships and meet up away from the security of the Community and if you look at the guidelines and pinned posts at the right side of the page it advises that to but overtime you can form great friendships :-)

Take Care x

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Dropping caffeine & smoking can help with your heart rate.

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