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Is anxiety making me physically ill?

In the past three days, I've barely eaten. On the first day, it was because I was really down and I didn't want anything. But in the past two days, I keep having panic attacks after eating and then bringing the food up. It's not a bug or anything, because when I'm not anxious and hyperventilating, I'm fine, just quite headache-y and tired.

I've dropped four pounds in the last 48 hours and I'm already really underweight since I have no appetite due to anxiety and depression. I'm really worried that I'm not going to be able to eat anymore. I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday but it feels like ages away.

What should I do in the meantime?

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I was the same. Vomiting every morning and couldn't eat as I had major panic attacks after eating. I kept going to the doctors all the time and had numerous scans. I then started seeing a psychologist who reassured me it's anxiety. I started to just have small meals frequently and slowly build myself up to eating a sum what normal meal. I would have a banana fir breakfast then maybe a bowl of cereal for lunch or something small like jatz with cream cheese and then for dinner I would have some nuts with a sandwich. Or just graze throughout the day on small things and only things that I felt like eating. Good luck and stay strong xx


Anxiety, stress, panic attacks can do some crazy things to you. I have been under serious anxiety, stress with crazy panic attacks for 8 months and 8 weeks ago is when I physically got very sick. Over this last 8 weeks i woke up one night light headed which I still have now. I've lost 50 pounds in 8 weeks, I've barely eaten and so much more.

I am starting generic lexapro today. I can't physically take it anymore. It's killing me.

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I've been through that thing too, although it comes off differently in each person. I remember i was sitting on my chair and had such a bad-bad feeling in my head, i was like man, my head is going to explode. Then i found a man "mooji" on youtube, he did wonders to me. Basically, what you have to learn, is that nothing that you experience in your body like chest pain, dizziness, headrush, etc.... NOTHING can overwhelm you. Its you who's channeling it. I would kindly ask you only to ACCEPT all these feelings, and not wanting them to pass away. Sounds strange, doesnt it? Believe me, thats what helped me get over the worst part. I mean, i still have bad nights, strange feelings during the day, but just as you live with your happiness, you can live with your anxiety/sadness too :) Jing-jang, you know...Be strong!

And please, when u have a panic attack, just let that be there. Observe your reactions. Dont let it pass away, whats more, BE HAPPY THAT PANIC ATTACK IS HAPPENING TO YOU.


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