Anxious once again

So right now my chest feels heavy and it feels like my vision is deep like it's sinking along with my thoughts. I'm anxious about something which I know what the cause is, and I'm telling myself that it's okay. I feel nervous and when I feel this way I scratch my chest as a tool to let myself know that I'm present. I can't say that I don't know what to do bc during my episodes I am aware of my symtoms but always act like it's different this time around. It's an uncomfortable feeling for sure and it sure is scary... But digging deeper I know I'm trying to control things in my head, feeling overwhelmed, it's constantly running and that drives me up the wall. My shallow breaths aren't helping and I wanna panic badly. But I know it's only gonna make things worse. It will go away, I just have to let it pass. My safe zone is texting my bf that I'm having an episode and he usually replies with "you're okay". I mean I don't need someone else to tell me that but it's just getting that confirmation. I'm struggling but it'll pass. I know it. I just mumbled on but I hope it makes sense... I just thought jotting things down would help me release some stuff. Anyone who can relate, message me!

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  • You r okay.. Just let it and try to divert your attention by walking and taking fresh air.. Thats what i do.. Or just sleep if no mood to walk.. When our episodes come it can be confusing...

  • Thank you Courtessa for your time! I actually eased up when I was reading others' stories and a blog that hit gold. I just find it useful when I read something relatable therefore doesn't make me feel alone.

  • I'm like this quite often lately, I know it passes but it's just the worry and extra anxiety it creates at the time it happens....

  • Hi!

    I do read other similar stories. And it surely helps me to pass the difficult time. When I feel tired after reading I go to sleep. Now im not so scared as previously because i know i have a way of coping with it.Now the frequency and severity is less. At least for now. Hope this will help. All the best!!!

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