Idk what caused it?

I've been having anxiety attacks for the past 3 weeks, or i think that's what's going..... i went to the ER feeling an ache in my chest and shortness of breath. They did an EKG test for a couple minutes and an x-ray of my chest and both came out normal. Is it safe to say that my heart isn't in danger?

I've been also going through stuff at home and i tend to keep my emotions bottled up and just give the silent treatment.... is holding my emotions in one of the causes for my anxiety attacks?


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  • Yes Jessy123, holding our emotions in and letting it get the best of us puts us at risk for an anxiety attack. We get over stressed causing the adrenaline to rise. I would say if the ER checked you out it most likely is anxiety causing the ache in your chest and shortness of breath from tight muscles.

  • Thank you, yes i have learned now, i've always kept my emotions in, i've never let them out until now and for that i'm suffering. I also try to cry now but when i do i can't cry a lot its just a feeling that i can't but i want to :(

  • Oh I've been known to cry at the drop of a hat, especially when my anxiety was at it's highest. It really helps to let those emotions out. Do you do any relaxation techniques such as deep breathing? That may help, but if there is a lot going on right in your home it makes it a little more difficult. I use it myself and it does help immensely, at least in getting some control.

    Wishing you well.

  • Unfortunately i don't have any techniques :( i just wait until i can breath again because i do get shortness of breath out of nowhere.

    But thank you i wish you the best as well.

  • I've been having small anxiety for the past 3 days but i really have no idea what it is causing it, i mean i have an idea but im not sure why it would cause it but i think im the same as you by the way..

    I bottle up my emotions and not say anything and let people lean on me not otherwise so.. yeah i am guessing this is anxiety.

  • Yes that's exactly what i do, whenever i have a problem here at home i never seem to say anything or express myself to anyone, i stay quiet all the time and then i find it hard to cry.

  • Watch some sad movies or listen to sad music and you will find yourself starting to cry if you really need it and that will definitely help.

  • Sometimes our diets contribute a lot...not getting proper vitamins amd minerals. We are all different though, it's hard to say. Sometimes it's stress or big life changes. But DEFINITELY holding in emotions and bottling up inside is a huge's one of my biggest contributors.

  • Wow, i didn't know that i just eat once a day sometimes, today i ate twice but very little. yeah i figured it was because of me bottling up my emotions.

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