Need help PLEASE

Olryt, I will cut it short. I lost my brother to Tuberculosis meningitis. And I have known the symptoms of the disease ever since. Now, when I have a skin rash on my inner thigh and i looked it up on google, I happen to matched it up with meningitis. And now I am thinking that I am going to die because of this.

To describe this skin rash, It is like a patch of red, that doesn't hurt or itch, it just sits there, and goes away when I Touch it or press it, and comes right back as soon as I take my finger off it.

I don't wanna live in this mind set, PLEASE HELP SOMEONE, PLEASE!


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  • i have same thing as you, hypochondria, something small turns into a terminal illness.

    the worst thing you can do as a hypochondriac is use google!

    i would get the rash checked out to relieve your mind

  • Yeah, I am at work and I am freaking out. I will get it checked the first thing in the morning. Thanks man



  • The rash may come from an allergic reaction.. Did you buy new clothes or new sheets? It can come from laundry detergent or body soap.. Pay a visit to your Dr just to have some peace if mind..

  • I will do that :) Thank you so much for replying

    I am still shit scared, yet, let's hope it is not what I fear


  • Right- NEVER, EVER GOOGLE SYMPTOMS!! You will be convinced you are dying of something!

    Understandably, you are more aware of Tuberculosis meningitis symptoms so if you are worried- pop to your GP. They will put your mind at rest.


  • I couldn't visit the DOC cause of my tight schedule... but the rash is gone. I am still visiting him anyway. Just to be sure. Thank you so much for your input. You have no idea what it means :)



  • Thats great (sorry I'm only replying now - my emails are only just coming through today for some reason!)



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