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Mental state of mind.. Oh and eyes

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I've overcome my anxiety by leaps and bounds. But it has since then taken other forms which lead me to believe I am having major health problems. I choose to think it is still anxiety. I do NOT take medication.

I now have extreme dizziness and light-headedness upon standing or looking quickly in another direction.

I also have pressure in my head and around the bridge of my nose/In-between the eyes, and behind the ears and on top of my head. I also feel it at the base of my head/neck. Not a pain but a dull pressure. My entire head feels like it's floating basically.

Newly, I have been feeling a disconnect in my right arm. It seems harder to move sometimes especially in the morning hours.

My mind feels like it's slipping away. My mind feels like it is hovering over me, almost the same feeling you get when your eyes roll back into your head.

The other symptoms like shortness of breath and heart palpitations are still there like before.

Please someone tell me that this is normal symptoms or not.

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I believe those are normal symptoms. I had really bad health anxiety and any strange sensation in my body would put me in panic. I was completely sensitive to those sensations. They were strange symptoms too and I didn't even know they were related to anxiety since I just started to experiencing it full blown in April.

In my opinion ur anxiety is getting worse.and now u r having depression aa well.. . Better to seek help.. Or u will get constant panic attack

The symptoms are constant. The only time I don't feel them is when I sleep. I say it's better than before because it used to happen less, but far more severe attacks. I would be completely laid out on the floor or rushed to the hospital. I couldn't breathe at all and my heart would go haywire. Now I can breathe with minimal discomfort but it still is slightly labored. My heart palpitations are more cardiac-related now. I have A regurgitating mitral valve which causes palpitations at times.

I"ve had all of that, and in my case a lot was caused by a delayed reaction to fluoroquinonlone antibiotics (Cipro) so if you have had an antibiotic for anything prior to this, be sure to not take them ever again. Magnesium supplements can help and not hurt, and so can vitamin D3. Do you know if you have taken any antibiotics in recent months?

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Jaegera in reply to Dizzykitty

I do not take antibiotics but treat myself as naturally as possible. I don't want to build up a tolerance to anything I case a bad bug hits and I truly need medication. After my miscarriage Mother's Day weekend I had to take a single dose but otherwise no. So I don't think that's the issue. I tried magnesium and D vitamins with no help. I've done B12 and it gives me bad anxiety-I can't figure out why especially since my body lacks it.

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Dizzykitty in reply to Jaegera

If you are B-12 deficient, you might try Methyl B-12, which is more easily absorbed. I wonder if you have a little genetic mutation (very common, about 40% of the population has it) called the MTHFR gene mutation, which makes absorbing B vitamins difficult. A test for it is also often given to women who miscarry. It is good to know, one way or another, because it helps for knowing about what foods/supplements to eat and/or avoid. And if you do have to take an antibiotic, avoid all Cipro family drugs (fluoroquinolones) and insist on something else, just to be safe.

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Jaegera in reply to Dizzykitty

Thank you! I will for sure test for that

Wow. You've literally just described exactly how I feel, and a very similar situation to what I'm in.

Finally got over my initial bout of anxiety/ depression around April and was pretty much 100% back to normal for a good 2 or 3 weeks. Then literally one day out of the blue (about 2 and a half months ago) I was walking down the stairs in my house and BAM, the lightheadedness and churning stomach came back out of nowhere... Was managable for a few weeks but it's been getting progressively worse since around the start of June and has now reached a point where it's worse than it ever was before! CHEERS THEN.

My symptoms are constant floaty/ lightheaded feeling, extreme like, debilitating dizziness/ lightheadedness/ weird weak off-balance feeling from the moment I stand up to the moment I sit/ lay down (wich has bound me to my room for most of the past week), exacerbated dizziness when moving my head around, really intense pressure throughout my face/ head/ neck pretty much all the time, shallow breathing, really weird heartrate which seems to constantly change for no apparent reason, palpitations/ weird fluttery things, muscle contractions and of course, the constant stomach churn that I'm sure we all know and love!

I'm sorry for the life story but I'm basically trying to reassure you (as you have done for me) that ALL this horrible horrible sh*t that 90% of the time feels a million miles away from what I would call "feeling anxious" can be cause md solely by the big, evil cretin that is anxiety. I've had all the tests under the sun and seen a trillion doctors and they've ALL said the same thing!

Reallt hope this provides you with some comfort, and thankyou for easing my mind! Hope you get better soon x

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Jaegera in reply to Cherry_mvff

Thank you, yes! I am sorry you go through the this also and I hope one day there is a solution for all of this, as I am sure it is vastly due to a chemical interruption in the brain. I have been out of a job since Christmas. I am trying to get back into the work force this upcoming month. I think being out of a job has really effected the anxiety.

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