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HELP really anxious

sorry if not related but only place i could find ask

hi all right i have just came out to my parents a few hours ago but i haven't been out my room since i am really anxious around my parents and sisters now i can't even go out my bedroom i feel really awkward about it every time i go to open the door i start to panic but I'm really hungry and i want some food sorry if its not the right place too post this but any one got any good ways to keep calm or something

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what did u come out to them about,if u dont mind me asking?


my sexuality


Oh i understand that can be very did they react?are they okay with it?that was a very brave thing for you to do.and i understand your scared of what they might think but you cant stay locked up in your room all day.maybe try talking to them about it some more,maybe that will help you some.

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Hi, hope you've managed to have something to eat and talk to your family now!! I know it's been so hard for you to tell them but there is no shame in what your sexuality is. If they love you which I'm sure they do then they will love and accept you for who you are. It may take longer for some of them to get there head round it than others or you may just find they're all fine with it and had guessed anyway. you be proud of who you are and the fact you've had the strength to share it with the people you love 🙏🏻 take care x


I do hope you are feeling better Coming out to your parents must have been a very big thing for you to do Its 2016 not the dark days I hope by now your family are all fine about it and give you loads of love that you need 💕😀💕


Well done and good luck.


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