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Can anybody help?

Hey, I need some help as I feel like I can't go out with my friends anymore as I feel I am being judged by people around me and I overthink the whole situation to a point where I start to cry, I try to reach out to friends and family but I don't want to feel as if I am bothering them as they may have problems of their own and I don't know what to do does anybody have any advice?

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Hi newb001, I assume you are talking about your anxiety and feel you may be getting judged because of it. It's unfortunately a fact that most people who do not suffer with anxiety don't have the slightest idea what it's like. If they don't understand then it's their problem not yours. You have enough to deal with. I do feel that you should be able to reach out to family without worrying about bothering them. That's what family is for to be there for each other. I can see that you are hurting and that's because you are trying to carry this by yourself. When you finally reach out to someone, you will feel so much better. If not family or friends, then I would say try talking with a therapist. At least you know they would understand and be able to help you. Last but not least, we are always here to support and listen to your concerns. We all care about each other. x

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