Hi I have anxiety and for the last Cople of weeks I have been snapping at my husband nothing abusive just normal day to day things just the away I say them I am not sure if it's my anxiety my medication or something else and tbh it has started to get to me as I don't even relies I'm doing it I'm ok most of day them BAM I'm snapping at him for no reason and it's not fair on him I see my doc in 2 weeks but just wanted to k know if any one else has this as well thanks for reading

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  • heather27, it is not unusual losing our temper due to the stress of dealing with anxiety everyday. I know it's not fair to others but then again, we really can't help or control how we feel at times. Anxiety is like having a full time job, it does wear you down and make you on edge. I still would run it by your doctor in 2 weeks. If you are having therapy, they may have some suggestions for you. My therapist always said to just walk away from the situation. Stay calm, be cool. :)

  • Thanks tbh it does not turn in to a full blown argument hubby just stays quiet n so will I or I will go do something in the house

  • You have a good man there.... doing something in the house is a good strategy. xx

  • Thanks I think so two and yeah if u don't do something I'm chasing the kids lol so I'm either always busy or I sit there as well I think i feel like it's getting to big time because I always let things get to me n put my self down me n my therapist are working on me not putting my self Down all time but as she says my bucket needs holes in to let a few drips out lol as it has too much of my life in it :(

  • heather, it sounds like you have a good therapist. I love the concept of the bucket needing holes in it. Tonight when you have a quiet moment, just reflect on the wonderful family you have been blessed with and smile. You will feel an inner peace I'm sure. xx

  • I do every single day as when my anxiety Is like at its peek I look at my family which tends to calm me down plus my yoga works a treat as well thanks for your replys

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