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Anyone on?

I have been doing quite well lately, been seeing a cbt about my anxiety which has improved some parts of my life, being able to get out abit more etc. I've had abit of a stressful day today, towards the night it was quite calm though. I've been in bed two hours (it's 3.00 am) I can't seem to sleep and I'm so tired! Tried to drift off a few times and my chest feels all wierd and like I can't catch my breath!

Does anyone else get this?

I keep thinking something bads going to happen, scared to shut my eyes! Don't no if it's some panic because of the stress or what. Don't understand while its happening while I'm trying to sleep

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Hi there! This has definitely happened to me. In fact, the last few nights for me have been pretty restless. It is a nasty cycle, really. You get anxious bc you can't sleep, then your anxiety causes your breathing to feel weird leading to more anxiety and an even more restless night. In those moments, I try to just be ok with maybe not getting much sleep that night and maybe I will read or do a crossword or whatever I need to that may or may not (hopefully will) make me sleepy. I also take comfort in the fact that I have felt like that before and nothing bad ever happened. I'm sorry you are having a restless night though!


I am not normally kept up by my anxious mind cuz I'm usually exhausted by dinner time but I've had where I've started to drift off and almost jolted awake cuz u " stopped breathing" or felt like I did and it literally felt like I was slipping into death or something .. Happens when I'm over tired but I came out of it ok .. I fell asleep and woke up and haven't had it for a few weeks now. Let yourself get the rest you deserve your body needs it. You will wake up I promise!

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Thanks to you both, I have had it before but I always think it's worse this time or it feels different this time!

I played on my phone for a while and watched some tv, did manage to drift off but only had 3/4 hour sleep had to get up with the children.

Yes tdawg that's kind of what was happening, it's awful 😢

Hope your both ok X x


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