Can a panic attack have just one symptom and cause me to be so drained after it ??

The night before yesterday I had very little sleep as I have a lot on my mind and it was just racing . So yesterday mornng I felt terrible . So I thought I would go for a ride on my horse. Prior to this my heart was slightly racing . So I walked down to catch my horse and by the time I got back to yard my heart beat was out of control . I was trying breathing but that never works, so I continued to saddle up my horse with my chest nearly bursting . So I went and got a Kalma Tablet , but it took a good 20 mins to kick in. It was that bad I could not bring myself to actually get on my horse , I eventually did and had a good ride around. After about 50 mins I finished went in side and just layed on the couch and slept for over half hour , so so drained had no energy .

Some info back would be great thanx


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5 Replies

  • Yeah...they can have one or a dozen...and I always feel like I got hit by a truck after....soooo tired...and they are different all the time.

  • Thanx tegro 7165,

    I have had many panc attacks but not like that . Why do u think we feel so drained after it ??

  • Hi, I think you would feel so drained because of the amount of energy you use to fight the adrenalin which only makes it worse. I know that panic attacks always leave me feeling exhausted. I miss riding my horse. They are great therapy. My boy is 33 and retired. Keep up your riding, it will help keep you sane.

  • Thanx Lbk64,

    Yep love riding def great therapy until Sunday when he was very naughty but he only young . So I was exhausted after that lol.

    Wow 33 that's old

  • They can be like that can't they?

    Yes, he's a bit ancient, but a beautiful old boy.

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