I feel stupid

Today I went to the E.R because I ate mold by accident because it was in the Apple sauce Ate. Just got home and I ran to the taxi it was scary because my heart was racing and like a weird tighting sensation in my chest... the anxiousness is crazy but it looks like it's calming down down I think but I haven't really ran in a long time since anxiety struct the air feels thick tho I'm not in any pain right now

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  • Colby, I can understand how running is scary because it produces that same fast heart rate that we fear. Even though it's a normal reaction to the running . I'm glad it's calming down. Take it easy.

  • It was so scary Agora it felt just like my panic attacks

  • I know Colby, I know. Sometimes I like to watch a scary movie and get the same effects of fear in my stomach and fast heart rate. I hate that. Hopefully everything turned out okay in the ER.

  • Yeaa they didn't think much of it they did a EKG but I wonder how did mold get in the Apple sauce it was closed

  • I was thinking you had it in your fridge but you opened it like that? It is strange. Hope you'll be okay. Probably not want to eat applesauce for a while.

  • 😂yeaa I don't think I'm eating them anymore and it wasn't in the fridge it was next to my bed my mom left it for me.

  • Unless it is opened, it should have been okay to leave it out. It most likely came that way from the plant. Gee, as if we don't have enough problems to deal with.

  • Yeaa agreed 😂😥 I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight because of what I went through today

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