I posted on here about getting pains in my head, I went to the doctor he said it's just stress and anxiety as I have just lost my dad to a battle of cancer and his funeral is this week and I'm just so scared n I just don't know how to feel it don't seem real yet, I just keep getting pain in my heart feel like I can't breath head is killing me. He gave me something called zoplidem 5mg to help me try sleep as haven't been sleeping well or eating. I haven't taken 1 yet as I'm scared to any advice or any experience on taking these? Feel like my heads just going to explode anxiety is really going to b the death of me I hate it and I feel so sorry for people struggling with it. I was doing so well with it but as I was there with my dad through the struggle of the cancer and was actually there when he died I just am so heartbroken no one at 21 should loose a parent to be not at any age really don't know am I'm going to get over this :(


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  • Oh hunni im so sorry for the loss of your father i know its not easy i offer my condolences to u and your family anxiety is not going to be the death of you right now its a hard time in your life dont be hard on yourself.

  • soz about you loseing your dad i hope your doing ok best you can do i know how it is not that long lost my mum so know can be hard to deal with x

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