I've lived with depression social anxiety since I was 16 ... I'm nearly 40 ... After some bad news a month ago my depression and social anxiety seem to have hit rock bottom ..d. I sleep all of the time and feel like I am trapped in my own head ... Usually exercise helps but lately it doesn't ... I can't have conversations with people and I find I talk about the same thing all of the time ... My cinfidence has hit rock bottom and I've totally had enough ... Can anyone give me any advice plz

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  • Clare123, For me it was therapy, therapy and then more therapy. Until I was finally finished talking and started moving forward. xx

  • Wow I think I need therapy but every time I apply nothing ever seems to happen xx

  • Hi Clare123, do you mean everytime you go to therapy nothing happens or are you not even able to get an appointment.

  • Hello :-)

    Everything you are thinking and feeling is normal when we have anxiety /depression so be reassured that this is normal

    I would go and speak with your Doctor and see what options if it be meds or Therapy they can offer you , please to not sit suffering when there is help out there if you ask for it :-)

    Not sure if you are already a member or looked at the other sites on HU but there is also one for Depression , I will put the link on and you can have a look if you have not already :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you for replying and yes I will have a look it's horrible feeling trapped in your own mind sometimes I feel like I. Going bonkers xxx

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