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Hello everyone I'm new to the group I have a lot of complex problems I have suffered with social phobia anxiety panic attacks depression for 30 years I cannot work no more with my other disabilities and I struggle with anxiety so bad the heart does everything races skips a beat my stomache like a bag of worms then the fight and flight comes into play I shake from head to toe I'm frightened I'm on alsorts to calm me down but they only take the edge off so I have decided to study to take my mind of things I am doing a BA Honurs in health and social care I start in February I'm reading the books now so hopefully I will be able to get through it it's over 6 years studying at home but I need something to take my mind off my problems thought this might be an idea for someone else at home

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Hello & Welcome :-)

Sorry you have been suffering so bad but well done you with your studies :-)

If you need any support you have found a lovely Community where it helps because you know people are or have felt as you do with anxiety so you no longer have to feel alone

I wish you all the best and I think what you are doing is very inspirational :-)

Take Care x


Thankyou for your lovely words x


I'm so sorry your feeling this way I do get those skipped beats they are horrible and makes me so scared.


Yes it's a scary thing I get tingling in my left arm and chest goes tight have pains at times I've been AE a few times thinking the worse it's so real at the time


Yes its very real


I get muscle twitches alot


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