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Panic attack help please quick


I am having a panic attack this morning again I feel nauseous and hot and shaky and lightheaded can someone help me remember that there is nothing wrong with me. I have been thinking something is wrong with me for days I even got a blood test gone for diabetes and thyroid but I know it is all just my anxiety but I don’t get the results back til Monday or Tuesday. I’ve been lightheaded nauseous shaky weak tired foggy brain no appetite. Someone please help reassure me🥺

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Hello :-)

I am in the UK and as it is Morning where you are you must maybe be in the USA ?

But despite where we are we still have the same thing in common which is we both woke up today with a panic attack and goodness does it feel so real when this happens !

It is quite frustrating as well as you have said you know there is nothing wrong deep down but when that panic sets it then it wins and makes you believe there is

This is a panic attack and I can see it has not been long since you have had a baby , but if you can at least find 30 minutes or longer just for you to practice some deep breathing or go on You Tube and look up relaxation it will help to calm you back down

I am sure those blood tests will be fine and you do to , I know that been reassured helps at the moment we feel the way we do but from a lot of years experience it is not a long term solution

I wonder if you could get some counselling or if you have found this has got worse since having your baby if it would be worth looking into if you could have some post natal depression

Also it is still early from giving birth and your hormones will be all over the place which can bring panics on , it can take up to a year for the body to settle back hormone wise after giving birth

You are going to be fine :-)

Take Care x

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Thank you so much. I made an appt with my counselor for this evening. I am making some tea now and telling myself I am okay. I’m sorry you’re also having panic, you too are going to be okay! The lightheadedness is starting to go away.

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O I am pleased you have got counselling later and starting to calm down :-)

Be kind to yourself and you are ok :-)

The Counsellor will help later so focus on that thought :-) x

Please have a look at my book on this. Though I'm not a neutral observer of it, a neutral - a major self-help book contest - just awared it silver.

Your can sample the book by clicking on the following link:

I also have bad panic attacks as well, i understand how scary it is. Just know you are not alone try some breathing exercises or meditation. I'm not sure if you like to read but there are many books that could help as well.

I’m same love worry all the time I’ve got something wrong with my brain shaking tired no appetite, and feel rubbish xx

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