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feel bad that others are dealing with panic disorders. it makes me feel comfort that others stories are like mine so I don't have to worry as much. I have no friends that have had attacks so it makes me feel alone and like im crazy when I explain it to them. I have to say 5 months ago I had them daily all day for three months. now its very rare . Zoloft really helped me I didn't want to take it , but when I did it really helped. only thing is youre like a zombie and always tired. not to mention it ruins your sex drive

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Yes its a comfort to know we are not alone and have somewhere to come and talk . It's so difficult to make people who don't suffer understand . For example at work yesterday my boss said to me ate you going to be in the land of the living next week. I nearly smashed him I wanted to scream at him I didn't choose to be this way it chose me.

Anyhow hope you're doing as well as can be . Take care


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