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Chronic Fear of Dying, Causing Depression

I am so terrified by the thought of dying I think about anersyums, brain tumors, & heart problems. I've been mostly worried about brain problems lately because I've been getting sharp pains in my head. I thinkwhat scares me the most is the thought of never existing and the pain. How can I overcome this please??? I am very depressed thinking about it and looking it up all the time too. I stay in bed and don't want to talk to anybody. Its really got me messed up. Please can someone tell me what I should do to help myself?

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Lots of people have those fears, and it sounds like depression--can you possibly see a therapist? Talk therapy is helpful, but so also is distraction. And looking things up on the internet is the very worst you can do. Try to find a therapist/counselor. If you have to look things up, look up 'therapists for depression and anxiety' and find one. If there are people you like meanwhile, make yourself see them, go for walks, pet a doggie, do little kind things for yourself, and start there.


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