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Waking up from sleep or naps with Heart racing every time?

Hi everyone. I'm still going through this anxiety and panic very bad. Still spend most of my time in bed.

I just wanted to know if anyone else has a racing heart whenever they wake up? Wether is be from a nights sleep or just a nap my heart is pounding when I wake up. Im so scared about this.

I've had blood tests and they came back okay. I went for an ECG and it just showed I had a fast heart rate because I was panicking at the time. I don't know what to do. Just so scared. Anyone else have this?

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If I'm careful I can usually avoid these anxiety attacks now and I sympathise with you because they are truly awful!! My triggers are; late bedtime, computer or TV too close to bed time, caffeine/alcohol, exciting/dreaded event, stress, hectic day, illness etc etc. Have a calm, orderly routine for bed: chamomile tea, write down some nice thoughts. Also I now take Co. Enzyme 10 (circulation/heart health) 5HTTP (2 per night but only take in weekly blocks or as needed. It's Hydrotryptophan found in small amounts in milk so you can take it with warm milk.) Complex Vitamin B, and CBD oil if it's bad or if I wake with it in the night- just a few drops under the tongue is enough. ) Btw, I cannot sleep in the day. is another trigger. I really how some of this helps. All these meds I've suggested are herbal but really work. Try the 5HTTP first. Get it from health food store.


Tillee thank you for your reply I will definitely look into them things for sure. I keep making myself worse because I keep telling myself it's not anxiety. Because when I wake up I'm not anxious it's just the heart that's pounding. But maybe it's subconscious anxiety. I don't know :( in a real mess with it all


Yes that's right as tilee had said x no computer near bed time no cafine near bed time x all I do now near bed time is have a bath then chill out for a while with a cup if camomole tea x even put a relaxing cd on whlist laying in bed x rally does help x if you have any worries just write them done and deal with them the nect day x all did help me x hope this helps you x


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