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Emetophobia, Panicking

Hi everyone,

So I had plans to spend the day downtown with my cousins yesterday. When we got there and greeted them, one said, "Don't hug me, I'm sick." I thought she meant she had a little cold or something. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "I v* twice last night and once on the way here." I froze in absolute shock. I am severely emetephobic. I can't even stand hearing about people being sick who are far away from me, let alone in the same location. We had tickets for a museum, and I couldn't leave or else it would have been rude. I was stuck and panicking. It makes me so angry when people go to events when they're that sick, as they risk getting everyone sick. I would have MUCH preferred if they just cancelled. Anyway, I was stuck RIGHT beside her all day and I was screaming inside. We even went to a restaurant and she sat right beside me. I gave her one of my zofran's (strong prescription antiemetic) to ensure she wouldn't v* any time soon. Luckily, she didn't. Now I am panicking like crazy. What if I caught the sv* from her? I washed and sanitized my hands a million times (especially before eating). When I got home, I sanitized everything with the lysol wipes that indicate they kill norovirus. I am so afraid. So far, I haven't felt much nausea (maybe a bit, but it might be anxiety) but I'm starting to feel a little sweaty/weak. My cousin said hers started with fever/chills. I don't want to be sick. I would actually rather die than v*. I'm trying to make myself feel better by knowing my cousin is very sensitive. She v* very easily whereas I am strongly willed and can stop it from happening in most cases (not all). Also, I have my zofran (the antiemetic) that I know almost guarantees I won't v*. They give this stuff to post surgery and cancer patients... that's how strong it is. Anyway, I'm in desperate need of reassurance. Sorry this post is so long. I just felt that I should provide as much info as possible about the situation. Please help :(

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I just wanted you to know that you are not alone with your fear of vomiting. It has to be the worst feeling in the world. I don't have any answers for you as I have stopped my self being sick several times in the past, by distracting myself, or biting on a toothbrush! I was sick when expecting my daughter Years ago and then I wasn't sick for 31 years! I thought that was it....but no I did get a bug and it is because of other peoples lack of hygiene and disregard.

I am a microbiologist by profession so when my daughter came to stay with her son's two of them had a bug and I like you, was terrified and cross. But I spent my time wiping door handles and taps and cleaning the sink and toilet all with gloves on and when she couldn't see 😊.

So you are not alone with your fear. X

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Isn't it amazing how we will put ourselves through hell rather than speak up in case we come across as rude. Well done to you for being polite, but maybe having a plan B is a good idea. We will get a friend to call with an excuse rather than tell a blind date we do not really want to have that meal with them. A little white lie avoids embarrassment. Could you work out a 'safe word' with a friend so that you could let them know when you need to bail?


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