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I need help about last Tuesday I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. Then a couple days later I was freaking out about something then an hour later in the same day I had a panic attack. The next day I felt constipated because of my stress and anxiety. I stared to notice that my stomach was feeling werid and then everytime I eat something it takes me a long time to poop it out. The other thing is that my family stared to notice that I stared lossing weight and I only stared doing exercise for only three days and I'm afraid it might be something else that could be making me lose weight.

please somebody respond to me. I feel like I am losing control of my mind and body.

Just note that I stared doing exercise for more than 30 min. Can cycling make me lose weight fast or could it be my anxiety.

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Hi there, your anxiety may be making you feel nauseous and less like eating. Your family commenting on your weight may be another way of them telling you they notice you are unhappy if you haven't discussed your anxiety openly with them. Taking care of yourself by eating regularly, getting out of the house, exercising, seeing people are all good. Loads of people go through this-you just have to remind yourself that you are not being chased by a bear (it just feels like it). You could try keeping a small notebook (or app on your phone) and note when you feel anxious as if you are a scientist-

date and time e.g Thursday 2.00pm

situation e.g heading somewhere,

thought e.g. everything is going wrong,

physical symptom feeling e.g. tightness in chest, butterflies in stomach, lightheaded,

the emotion e.g. fear,

scale of 1-10 e.g 7

breathe in 234 hold 234 out 234 a few times

notice what is going on around you-grey street, postbox, bicycle rack, people carrying bags, sky greyish colour, sound of traffic, life just going on....

noting activities like meals, exercise, hour to bed and up may help remind you to take care of yourself which is always helpful

Other user comments will have other suggestions which may be helpful to you

Best of luck


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