I feel your pain

Having a rough one today. Stress, anxiety, fear, panic....all kicking my little tush today. 😫But I gotta keep fighting the good fight. Never give up everyone, we are not alone through this. Thank you all for sharing and helping me remember that even though I fall apart, I'm not alone. Dizzy today, but I'm gonna cry it out. 😢😧😩Stay strong. 😚


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  • Hi Stay_strong85, First we fight it, then we accept it, then we get angry and finally we control it. We've won! x

  • Hi stay strong, my day started with my car breaking down my two kids in the back and trying to get toward on time, I have left dizzy all day feeling on or two times like I'd pass out, my sinus ears throat everything feels off my head has pressure and I've that stomach acid churning, I literally couldn't eat and I tried I had a 12 hour shift, I got one or two breaks from the dizziness but not for very long, I feel so ill and started the panic what if I die right now etc etc, but reading ur message has helped a little, we need to keep going and try beat this, but I feel like bawling my eyes out i feel so shit, car expenses now are going to start off more stress but I keep telling myself i will be ok, I will get through there are worse things that can happen, hope you feel better soon x

  • Blondiful, what's worse than having the car break down when you have somewhere to go and children in the back seat? It's out of your control and so our body responds with feeling dizzy. All of the symptoms you display are coming from your anxiety building as the day goes on. Included are the car expenses. As much as those are all negative experiences, your positive reinforcement is telling yourself that you will be okay, it could be worse. You are doing well and letting out some tears would help release the stress. Don't hold back. Hope your evening goes better.... xx

  • Thank you!! Great words. I love connecting with people who experience similar things, I feel human again joining this website. I appreciate you.

  • And you as well. We all need each other to get through this. It's quite a ride :) x

  • I have felt that exactly, feels like a million times, but I always made it through and I KNOW YOU WILL TOO. Thank you so much for your response, it really helps and I also am glad I could help you. We are stronger and healthier than we accept.

  • Thanks agora it's great coming on here because everyone understands, i appreciate you getting back to me, it's nice to vent sometimes it does help x

  • Thanks stay strong it does help knowing someone understands how horrible it is, and I no we are strong because we are still here fighting it, and we will get back to ourselves one day without this worry x

  • I really believe WE ARE AWESOME, beautiful individuals who face more than the average and for that we need to love ourselves and appreciate our own strength, and you're right, keep going, never give up!😙

  • It is a rollercoaster helterskelter aagghhh

  • You can say that again. That's for sure! I look at is as simply getting used to the rollercoaster and being stronger in the end.

  • Yes immune to all the highs and lows

  • Hi alan here completely stressed out been having a real bad few days we have 2 fight on iv been sitting with my mum watching her go down hill very fast been told she has only days a hard thing 2 watch and all my anxiety is back I'm not getting much sleep but I'm going 2 beat this thing it's great 2 have the support of the people on here never give up hope things get better 4 u

  • alan1010, I'm so sorry to hear that about your mom. I'm praying that you will be given the strength to support her as well as control your anxiety. Of course we are all here for each other through bad times as well as good.

    My thoughts are with you. Agora1

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