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trouble waking up

I've been taking Klonopin with Lexapro for a little over a week now and about halfway through I decided to stoptaking the klonopin(.025 mg).I'm a CPAP patient-I've been waking up lately and then trying to go back to sleep,resulting in a panic-attack jolt that leaves me shaken and anxious all day.If I try to ignore it I get another one.Any insights?Should I have tried to taper?

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You are not the only one that is a crap patient , I always say I am the worlds worse to :-)

Personally I would always get advise if I wanted to come of any meds I had been prescribed long term , it could be why you are feeling this way

Could you have a word with the Doctor and ask them the best way to taper of them ?

Let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x


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