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Went to see Doctor - Update

So I went to see my doctor today, she still has no idea what's wrong with me. She sent me to do some blood work to double check my blood sugar levels again and that was brudal, I hate taking blood I thought I was going to pass out. Driving home was awful it was raining and lighting alot and it was so hard to drive in that weather with my 24/7 dizziness does anyone have trouble driving in bad weather too? I felt like my brain was going to shut off and like there was a large curtain in front of my eyes or something it's was like i couldnt see properly I really don't know how I made it home okay but I did. She said she wants me to try the Migraine Associated Vertigo Pills that the neurologist perscribed to me to see if it gives me any relief. She wants to put me on anxiety medication because too because I told her my dizziness gets so bad and because I have anxiety I think I'm having a stroke or heart attack some days. She said that is rare for your age and usually those two are accompanied by other symptoms not just dizziness and anxiety causes alot of those symptoms. I told her I will see how the migraine pills work for me and when I see her again maybe I will go on the anxiety medication but I really don't want to take pills for anxiety.... I'm even skeptical about taking these migraine pills too.

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Well salsagirl20, it sounds like your doctor has a plan. That should help relieve you some. I understand your not wanting to be on anxiety medication BUT one step at a time. Try the medication that the neurologist prescribed keeping in mind that your doctor wants to try the anti-anxiety med as well. You may find that one or the other or both might relieve your symptoms enough to bring down your anxiety. And with that your worry about having a stroke or heart attack. I wish you well on getting started on your medication. xx


Hey there, i had the exact same thing for 6months since xmas day and it was true hell, i was even suicidal at one point. After trying tons of different things and being misdiagnosed with Labyrinthitus i finally went to see a naturopath in London who told me quite simply that i had reactive Hypoglycemia brought about by a combo of stress and too much sugar in my diet, just take a look at the symptoms in this list:

This is one of the most misdiagnosed conditions out there as dizziness, brain fog and anxiety are all main symptoms of low blood sugar in your brain and within 4 weeks of following this diet i was 95% well again. Dizziness almost gone, anxiety completely gone. The diet is deceptively simple - cut out ALL sugars and alcohol, avoid any processed foods, carbs such as pasta and white flour. Eat high protein meals, with vegetables and salads and eat only hard fruits such as apples and pears (as lower in sugar) Lots of mineral water, herbal teas and avoid coffee and tea.

if this rings true to you your gut instinct will know if you have this too. If you want any more info on naturopath or diet just message me.

You will get better, stay positive and just see this as life trying to teach you something as i see the lesson in it all now i am better :)


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Quite interesting because we were talking about food making a difference so definitely something to try long term and see how she does. Easier said than done though so a lot of effort needed.

I'd also suggest CBT as i rarely have these extreme form of panic attacks i had before. I've come to accept my issues more and now it's frustration more than anything. They teach you how to be your own doctor basically and help you both calm yourself and face those fears. Again it hasn't gotten rid of the problem entirely but definitely better compared to where i was years ago.

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Please any tips, I've been very sick for six weeks now palpatations after eating , dizziness, burping all the time, severe anxiety and feel very ill


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