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I've just come home from holiday to Tenerife. it took a lot for me to get on the plane and get there but didn't want to disappoint my boyfriend by cancelling. I did well the first few days but then had an anxiety attack and was ill for the rest of the holiday. I take propranolol to take the physical symptoms away but obviously my anxiety broke through while I was away. I started on citalopram yesterday and I feel terrible already-not sure if this is the citalopram or not.

It feels like im constantly drunk, dizzy, heavy eyes, weird pains/sensations in my head, my vision seems strange like sometimes any colour is just too much for me and then I'll just get a random moment of extreme feeling like im going to collapse because nothing is in focus. Even sitting here I'm saying back and forth And the screen isn't in focus.

Surely this isn't normal 😞Any feedback will be appreciated!xxx

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Hi there,

I'm so sorry you're feeling this way and I found citalopram tough too. If the side effects get any worse or you feel unable to cope it's important to call your doctor immediately, they may switch you onto some tablets with less side effects.

I thought it would be best to ride out the two weeks while it worked its way into my system but it was very hard so be sympathetic and kind to yourself while it tries to make you better. There's lots of great tips on this website and I wish I'd found it when I was struggling then!

Hope you feel better soon, check your paperwork to see if you are experiencing the common side effects as sometimes it makes you feel a little better knowing it's the pills not just you getting worse!

S xx


Thank you so much. This site is great for realising you're not alone xxx

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These are the same symptoms I was getting it takes a least 4/5weeks to start working properly this is normal just stick with it I've been on citolpram since last October I started on 10 mg I'm now on 30mg have my ups and downs good luck with your citalopram

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