First Ever Post..Feeling Faint and Dizzy...Help!

Hey this is the first time I have used this site.

I have been feeling very lightheaded and dizzy for months now, it has gotten worse recently to the point that I cannot drive or go into work. I have no energy and would happily lie down all day. I was referred to a private hospital (cardiology department) who told me they couldn't find out what was wrong.

I am starting to get really worried as it is effecting my work and effecting me doing normal things like going shopping as I keep needing to sit down or go home and go to sleep.

does anyone have the same problem or any advice? Any help would be appreciated..

Thanks, Claire x


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2 Replies

  • Hello & Welcome :-)

    Anxiety can really make you feel this way and if you are suffering with anxiety I wonder if looking at some therapy may help :-)

    Also have you had your bloods done for iron and vitamin D

    I am going through a spell at the moment where the saying goes I do not feel like I have the energy I was born with ! dreadfully tired and do keep going dizzy but I think my iron is low so waiting to find out at the moment if it is

    I hope you will find talking to others on here will go some way in helping and you are not alone :-)

    Take Care x

  • R u dizzy all the time? I am x

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