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Will my panic attacks hurt me?

Today was very bad, it started at work where I was getting this sharp pain in my chest. I started to think okay calm down its not a heart attack it's probably a pinched nerve or something. It started to get worse and I was starting to get scared then my panic attack started so dreadful as it is and tiring. I just wanted to go home, I was dizzy and off balance all day really bad. So many times I thought I was going to pass out and didn't. When the day was finally over I started to feel relief but I felt like that for 4.5hrs!!! I know my boss has given himself a stroke from stress and a lady i know gave herself a mini heartattack from worrying so much about her husband. This teo people i know for a fact dont have anxiety but this cant be healthy for me. I'm scared that all these panic attacks and on set anxiety I deal with on a daily bases can cause me to have a heartattack or stoke because it's so tuff on your body? Now I have a massive headache from the panic attack and the anxiety for that long. I am seriously making myself sick just worrying all the time. Help please?

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It seems like your job is high stress? Are you having these attacks at work only? I had to take antidepressants for 5 years just to do my high stress job which I did like minus the stress. In the end it wasn't worth it. Health is more important!


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