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Anxiety with sudden hunger

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone out there gets sudden hunger with feelings of anxiety/panic? I've had my sugar levels checked and all is ok there. I sometimes get hypoglycaemia out of the blue. I eat well. Avoid sugar. I do all the right things but still get this horrible thing. It makes me feel like rushing to the hospital and saying to them, lock me up, I'm going insane. Just need to put it out there. I'm sorry to be a bother with something so stupid.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I think having dates and honey often might help.and water,lots and lots of it.especially coconut water. I hope you had medical check ups .

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Hi Safsaf,

It was some time ago that I wrote this post. I think from memory that it was due to my iron being low. I have chronic iron deficiency which I need to keep on top of.

Thank you for replying though. :)


This is natural, when you have anxiety your stomach acid levels rise. This induces the desire to eat.

It's basically got something to do with your stomach. Try not to worry and be anxious though


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