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question and losing weight question

just wondering my doctor started me on fluoxetine. wondering how long it takes for it to start working? for my anxiety and panic attacks? for a month before i was light headed.... faint feeling.... legs gonna give out.... feeling you name it where i was only moving around 30 mins a day. now i am in a about 10 days into the fluoxetine and moving more around now and being light headed not as bad... but wondering how long before this stuff really kicks in?

also i was 6'1 138-140 area before i started.taking the pills now i am 133. should i be worried about the weight? first few days nausea feeling was crushing me and still have some days of that as well. just wondering when those side effects will go away and the weight goes back to normal?


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shouldn't cause you to lose weight but maybe look at your eating habits right now. sometimes when we get depressed and anxious we tend not to consume as much calories as when we are happy and are loving life and eating. Currently I lost 5 lbs and it's because I haven't been consuming as much calories, not working out so losing muscles. So even while I'm not doing anything my anxieties don't leave me very hungry throughout the day. I actually have to force myself to consume the calories needed for my TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) so that I don't waste away and can still maintain physical strength.


the nausea is what is crushing me taking the pills. does that side effect go away soon i hope? just took pill 11. almost 2 weeks. but my panic attacks and anxiety has improved where i can move around a bit more thank god


Mikep, talk to your doctor about the ongoing nausea. seems weird that you should still be nauseated. There are other medications out there that won't make you nauseas. I'm assuming the nausea is what makes you eat less or are you actually throwing up after eating?

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2nd day taking the pills i threw up a lot. but now just off and on days of nausea but haven't thrown up since. eating decent amount now but guess its taking me time to regain pounds


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