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Help plz I need to know if it's normal

Does anyone else have really back chest pains with aniexty or is just me I get them on and off my back hurt sometimes and I burp a lot iv had this pain for. 2 days but it's clearly if I was having a heart attack it would of happen by now I'm just wondering is it just me or do other people get this and it's only my right side of my Chest..

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It sounds like it could be indigestion as I get what you are feeling and usually that is what it is for me as so many that are anxious either gulp a lot of air or eat to quickly which causes trapped wind which can result in pains in your chest

Have you spoken to your Doctor about this ?

If they have no concerns , I would say it could be your anxiety

Take care x


I also had the same experience.

Sometimes I got sharp stab pains from my stomach area to my heart, I got such a shock every time it happened.


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