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Anxiety and with vertigo

Hello there. Im having a very weird time of my life. Right after I gave birth to my second son I have went down the drain with my health. I never had any sort of health problem . I gotten vertigo the day i delivered my child. After vertigo I have gotten anxiety and some panic attacks . But now I live with anxiety daily. It's really hard to deal with. I get the butterfly feeling in my tommy, my back shoulder feels numbing and then I get my very sick feeling and I get the weakest and lay there untill it passes. It sucks !! I have to take care of a baby at the same time. Also now I been getting the worst and weirdest dull aches in my head and a burning Sinsatuon in my head and then feels like a scull pressure that scares me the most. What can that be ? Once it hits me I get very weak and sick and I take valerian root to calm me down. And it passes within time. Does anyone experience this too ?

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I am not a doctor and this is not a diagnosis. You may want to explore the following: Was there an epidural involved? Did you look into post-partum depression subject? Also, perhaps extreme hormonal changes? Talk to your doctor.


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