Frustrated and irritated

I'm feeling so irritated today for some odd reason or another! Today was an OK day but I've seen better, I don't know if its the heat or what but I've been having these on again off again headache and earache! I just want to find a happy place I've been shopping for therapists and keep coming up empty! I'm in the US in the state of Alabama does anyone here know of any good ones?


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  • Anxietyroll, if you push on your cheekbones and they are sore, could be infection in sinus. Drainage from allergies could cause earache. Probably should see GP 😀 I am in Oklahoma .

  • Hi Redhots7 I pushed on my cheekbones and their not sore, but my ear is still achy and my throats a little sore! 😷 I'm going to make an appt Monday thanx ! I see your a Sooner ....Well Roll Tide!! 😀

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