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I am 27 and I've been having anxiety attacks every 4 or 5 days and they usually last 24 or 48 hours. I don't know what the cause is but they make miserable. Recently I've developed a fear of dying which make the attacks 10 times worse. I am afraid to even sleep now and I cry all the time because I feel theres nothing I can do to stop it and Im too scared of dying in my sleep to take sleep aids

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Those fears are all a common part of anxiety. You need to seek medical help. Just remind yourself that it is JUST ANXIETY. This may not make sense to you now because you are in the deep hole but just say to yourself "So what if I die everyone has to some day". Also you wont know anything about it as you will be dead! That may sound weird but it works. You let go of the fear of something and the thought cant scare you anymore.

HippieLife in reply to amh6971

Thank you so much for your help. Im so happy I found this group.

I'm sorry this is happening to you, I was in the same place recently what exactly is your main fear? Mines was my heart stopping because of palpitations so I went to a Cardiologist and got testing, and all fine, so it helps some to go to sleep and counseling, so it's best to address the fears. You get through it and will be fine.

HippieLife in reply to GoldenGrl

I think I may have a panic disorder because there are no triggers that cause my attacks. I only start to fear dying after my attack starts. My heart rate stays about the same but the tightness in my chest, difficulty breathing, and faint feeling make me fear having a heart attack. Thanks for taking your time out to respond I REALLY appreciate it.

GoldenGrl in reply to HippieLife

Your Welcome I'm In The Same Boat, My Fears Of Dying Started Because The Anixtey & My Dr Diagnosed Me With Panic Disorder Cause I Have No Triggers.

Devinlane in reply to GoldenGrl

@GoldenGrl I too have palpitations with my anxiety. And I have also seen a cardiologist but have you ever had sharp pain on left breast bone?

GoldenGrl in reply to Devinlane

Yes & They Have Told Me It's Just From Anxiety Or Acid Reflux.


Oh no that sounds horrible and lasting 24/48?! that sounds exshausting. You say you dont know why but the ear of dying sound like it could be it. Has anyone or family member close to you died? or nearly died? or do you think this is just a fear thats come along on its own. Or it could be that you dont feel safe in the world. I can also see how it links to you not wanting to go to sleep as you fear you wont wake up. There is often a reason for anxiety and sometimes you dont often know why to begin with. Fear of dying can be fairly normal thing, more so if you feeling low. When you have a panick atack it feels like you are dying (you're not). Is there anything your stressed about?

I hope you feel better and the anxiety attacks stay away. lily x

HippieLife in reply to Lils30

Thanks Lily. I have been trying to think of things that could be stressing me, but I can't think of anything. Things are actually pretty good in my life (besides the attacks) right now. I even recently got engaged. I don't start to think of death until Im having an attack. I'm a stay at home mom and Im afraid I'll end up developing agoraphobia from fear of having an attack in public. Hopefully a Dr. visit will clarify things. Thanks again

amh6971 in reply to HippieLife

We dont realise what bothers is until we dig deeper. That fact u are a parent causes anxiety in itself because u dont just have yourself to worry about. Also you are going to become a wife (congrats by the way) another big step in your life.

Watching the news makes me anxious because i worry what kind of world my boys will live in in 20 years time and i may not be here to protect them.

The first thing you need to do, if you haven't already, is see your doctor for a physical. If all tests show you are healthy, that will take away some of your anxiety of getting some sleep. Lack of sleep makes your anxiety worse so you must get at least 7 hrs sleep. When my anxiety was at its worst 5 yrs ago, I was told not to watch news. When I heard bad news I starting feeling lots of anxiety. I can watch news today. It's distressing but I I don't react like I use too. You owe it to yourself and your boys and fiance to talk to your doctor about some help. Lack of sleep can cause a lot of trouble like anxiety, your health, accidents because you are tired and distracted. These accidents can happen In home, when you go out or drive, especially with your boys in car. You need to remind yourself daily that you are still alive and count your blessings. Keep your focus off of sleep so maybe you can relax. Anxiety doesn't kill. It just makes you think negative thoughts that are not and have not come to fruit. Enjoy your life with 2 beautiful boys and a loving fiance. Think good thoughts and if you feel anxious, take walk, play with your boys, make them cookies and enjoy your time with fiance. If you are always thinking anxious thoughts, you are not able to show him the love you feel for him. Plan your future with him. Those are happy thoughts. Wish you the best. Only you can make yourself get better so make sure you don't put that responsibility on anyone else.

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