Anxiety Attack Relief

I have severe debilitating anxiety attacks that come about for no reason. I work from home so I am lucky enough to be able to "take care" of my anxiety in private and in the comfort of my own home.

If you have an attack and are in a private place, I have a technique that almost always takes my anxiety away or down to a level where I can easily breathe and calm down.

The easiest and most comfortable way for me to do this is on the sofa/couch. Facing the the back of the sofa, I place my rear-end against the back cushions, my feet rest at the top of the back of the sofa making (or nearly making) a 90-degree bend. Your head should be hanging off the edge of the seat-cushions. The blood-flow to the head seems to instantly start to take it away. I have an ottoman to rest my head on. If you do not have one of these you can use the sofa cushions by stacking them up to right under your head for support. Try to make it that your head is slightly lower than the rest of your body. Do what feels comfortable to you. Stay there for however long you need.

Be careful coming back up. After an anxiety attack, especially, you will feel light-headed. Be sure to move very slowly and lay flat with your eyes closed for a minute or more before trying to get back up.

This does it for me. It is not a cure-all by any means but if I get a bad attack I do this after I start my breathing. For some reason bringing the feet and legs above your heart makes a huge difference.

This little ritual also helps if you feel one start to come on. You can lie on the floor and lift your legs up to a 90-degree bend and cross your feet. This should help keep it at bay.

Try it and let me know how it helped you all.

I do not take medications for my anxiety. I am leaving that for my last resort.


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8 Replies

  • thanks for sharing that jaeger I think i will try that later it sounds as if it might be helpful to relax before bedtime also, as if it is calming that great. im glad that you'v found something other than medicine as it always good, just like when we can use good food instead of medicine at times also, love grace xoxoxo

  • I try to do everything possible to keep from using medications although i had to take a rescue pill today for the first time since early March.

  • Hello I have always had a bit of anxiety, but it is getting worse :( I just tried your technique and it helped a bit thank you. When you say you have debilitating, I feel like mine are lasting all day. Ringing in my ears, spaciness, tingling, tightness in chest and neck. I had my heart checked last year as thought that was it and it all came back fine. Do you have these types of attacks? I just want to confirm that I am not the only one which will probably make me less anxious.

  • Yes. Mine is constant, it never fully goes away. I have the following at all times: ringing in ears, tingling hands and feet, pressure in head, headaches, lower eyelid twitching, tightness in chest, difficulties breathing, chest pains or hard beats. When the attacks come my heart pumps hard and without rhythm and very erratic, I can hardly breathe, I feel like I am going to pass out, literally it feels like a heart attack. In order to keep an attack from happening I can't do any physical activity or think about anything that will cause me to become angry or excited. I have to keep my mental state fairly neutral. There are days and periods throughout the day when I can be 100% normal and feel normal again but it doesn't last very long.

  • Then I am not going crazy! Do you get back pain? Have you had therapy or medication?

  • No you are not going crazy. There was a point in the past my anxiety would be so severe my mind would disconnect and I seriously thought I was losing my mind. It is a scary thought. I always have back pain so I'm not certain about yours. I've tried doing therapy but they always keep rescheduling. I gave up on therapists and decided on doing things like using this site. It helps speaking with others that go through the same thing you are. It's relative. Medication I stay away from. I do however take hydroxyzine if I have a severe episode and most times it helps. You can try asking for it. It's an antihistamine used for skin irritation and anxiety/panic.

  • I have really had it the past few weeks as going through a lot of changes. Thanks you make me feel less anxious as I know what it is. I just want to be in bed and not do anything. Hopefully I will get through this.

  • I completely understand. You will do fine. Speak often with a friend. Ask someone to be your go-to when you have bits of anxiety. Call or message them. It will help. Make sure you are on the go, keep the mind busy.

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