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Chest pain and arm pain


Does anyone else have chest/arm/back pain all at the same time?!!! It’s crazy like it comes and goes I use to have it months ago and now it’s come back to me it’s driving me insane and so scared back then I went for scans on my heart and ecgs holster monitor all normal

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I have all of them... This is really scary. Everyone I hear new symptoms, I incorporate it to my own symptoms. I lost my mother in January with a heart attack... Since then, I feel everything she felt. I heard about the back pain on the news... They were talking about a guy who died with a heart attack... They mentioned he complained about back pain... Since then, when I get anxious, I have these horrible back pain... A friend of mine had a complication in his heart and he mentioned a mandibular pain.... I started having this pain as well...

Nowadays I avoid investigate for symptoms as I will start to have them... I avoid news and films about heart attack, cancer, hiv... I feel like living in a prison 😔

Allyanna in reply to Mariobrazil

I know exactly how u feel , I feel the same I try and avoid news etc relating to illness, I lost both my dad and younger sister to cancer which made my problem worse.

The best way to avoid anxiety what I have learned in my life is keep yourself thought will come to scare you but dont let them. First check yourself with gp if all is good than stop worrying. Its easy for me to say that but you guys have no idea what I have been though all my life. If I can do it so can you all.

I’ve been at it for 3 years since I was 17 it’s a lot for me to and no I can’t do it 3 years constant is a long time

I actually do just been to the gp for that and he did an ecg which came clear i do hv sinus tachycardia so i dont know if the meds i am taking contributing to that..its he'll having symptoms and going to the gp and they saying you are ok..I do feel for you u are so young and going through all this and seems you hv anxiety as well..i hv experienced this only the last three years and it's hell..People say it's easy to overcome anxiety it is not im struggling daily. And esp when you are experiencing physical symptoms makes it worse

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