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Scary headache cycle

Hi again, still getting bad headaches on top of my head going in 4 Months now. Thought my Amatryptaline would have started working but it hasn't. Making me think it's something more serious like a Tumour. Everyone says it's tension headaches but how I it is that can I not stress when I'm worrying it's something bad. They don't seem to be getting any better I'm terrified. It's at the top of my head and feel like pressure with a little pain. I'm convinced it's not tension as when I feel calm it still comes on. Someone please help me iv had enough and can't look forward to anything

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Pain on top of your head is a sign of anxiety. I doubt painkillers will take it away. Try telling yourself thats all it is and it eventually go.


I have been there and still is going through it. I started having daily headache since last year in January. It came on after a panic attack. My headaches come and go (comes on strong when I think about it). Sometimes I get dizzy. Sometimes I feel like there is something sitting on top of my head (currently right now :p). Sometimes its on my forehead and sometimes its just everywhere. And sometimes its all together. Oh and ALOT OF HEAD PRESSURE.

And yeah, sometimes when I'm calm it comes on. Like I would wake up in the morning and it would come. I guess my body is so used to it that it just sometimes randomly comes on.

I did too think it was a tumor but look up the headache patterns and symptoms of a tumor. Most likely what you are going through isn't a tumor. If you suffer from anxiety or thinks too much, your body eventually catches on to your anxious habits and basically holds onto it. This leads to frequent headaches. Trust me, you're fine. I know the pain. Trust me, i stayed home from school many times. It's horrible. But I tell myself that its nothing serious and many people are going through it as well (some worse).

If you want to make sure than please go get your head checked.

Good Luck!!!!



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