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Chest Pain

Chest Pain

Today my anxiety is being quite dominent, needing some more ingrediants for the sunday roast I got myself ready to nip to the shop witch is a stones frow away from my house but as I was about to leave I just did'nt feel right and all panicky, so I did'nt go, I sat down and watched tv some more to try to calm down, and I did calm down but the looming thought of having to go to the shop was still with me, a short while after I had this pain in my chest just left of the center, it was a sharp deep pain that lasted 5 seconds or so, I certainly felt it, put it that way, it made me very worried and made me all warm and red in the face, iv had stress test on my heart and heart scans and they've never found anything before. Anyway this episode has left me not wanting to do anything els today but relax, Iv also been suffering from heart palps today, :( I don't know weather this is my anxiety that has caused this pain today but it was certainly real and not in my head. P.S. Sorry about the spelling today.

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I'm 22 by the way, 23 on tuesday. :)


It can be frightening , I no

At 22 though & all the tests , I would say you have nothing to worry about

Anxiety can throw such symptoms out that mimic things & I feel this is whats happening

The more you worry the worst it gets

Relax like you said

Try not to worry





Yer cheers, :)


hi ya palps and chest pain are a symptom of anxiety if youve had your heart checked try not to worry


Hi this sounds like its anxiety but obviously if it continues make an appointment and see the Doctor. But when we panic we cause pain and its like a vicious circle. The more we panice the worse the problem becomes.

Try and chill out and relax.


Love Seyi xxx


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