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Health Anxiety ruining my life

I've never posted anything like this before but I am sat here at the point of crisis and despair. I've suffered panic attacks and anxiety for years where I have thought I couldn't breathe and I would die but nothing like this. I don't know exactly what happened or where it started this time but I'm losing control and my mind. I'm so distressed I can't eat I can't sleep I can't relax or think of anything else.

I have had a partial denture now for 8 years and it was replaced 4 years ago. I havent taken the denture out since or been to the dentist or cleaned it properly. Suddenly about 6 weeks ago I don't know why but I became obsessed with my mouth. I took out the denture finally and underneath felt all spongey and weird so of course I googled it and I'm convinced I have oral cancer. My hard palate behind my teeth is wide and feels rough sometimes and smooth sometimes, it is uneven and I feel like it's changing everyday I can't stop feeling it with my tongue. I obsess over my gums, the palate my teeth etc and it's all I think about 24/7. I have bought steradent and now clean my denture every night and sleep with it out. I've bought advanced gum defence toothpaste and mouthwash and brush my teeth three times a day. I'm 100% convinced i have oral cancer and I'm dying. I spend all day every day feeling around the roof of my mouth convinced there are lumps etc and that i can't swallow and I'm going to die. My mouth/jaw feels like it's constantly under pressure and going to collapse and by a night time my gums feel like they are burning. I'm convinced I can't chew when I eat or swallow. I can't sleep or eat for worrying but I'm too scared to go to a dentist because I know they will tell me I'm dying. I can't escape the thoughts and the fear I feel like I'm losing my mind and I don't want to be here anymore. I did have abdominal surgery two weeks ago and had to take the denture out for that and I keep reassuring myself that the anaesthetist would have noticed if something was wrong when he intubated me but would he have even looked???

I can't explain how much this is affecting me. I am going crazy and losing grip on reality I can't go out, read books, watch tv there isn't a second of the day I don't think about it.

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Hi Ann, I am NOT a doctor, but I do know dentures are meant to be taken out every night which allows the palate to breathe. Keeping the denture nice and clean helps keep things good for your mouth as well. The palate more than likely needs to breathe, try keeping the denture out at night and see if it helps. Have you seen a dentist, they can check the area to help reassure you. Stay positive ok! (= try to enjoy yourself sometimes, a good distraction always helps my anxiety. Be well and don't worry your life away. (=

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I think that anything serious would have been picked up when you were intubated. Your mouth is bound to feel weird and maybe sore after having the denture in for so long. Very much doubt this would trigger cancer, infection maybe, but your mouth is clean now. Get a Doc to have a quick look and put an end to all this worry. Your mouth has not been used to all this attention and concentrating your mind and your tongue on it's little differences you will notice all sorts of little changes, all normal. You are fine.


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