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Is it me or am I over thinking ?

I bought a cheap guitar to practice just to see if I took to it . Well its been 18 months or more and I love it but because these traders know I'm a novice it feels like their passiing on their stock thats either rubbish or dont work . I bought a pedal for guitarjunk dont work . Now I bought a ssecond hand proper guitar but finding out it needs attention more than just tuning. Because i suffer this ptsd I know i will swallow so much and then something else will happen it may be a silly thing you know lije the straw that broke the camel kind of thing and I'll snap and completely lose. I am hoping this guy puts his hands up next week realises this guitar that needed tons of cleaning is absolutely bent out of shape and gives me my money back. Had enough. Just went to go out up the mountain in car asked my son when I was half way there he said he'd like to come so went back home been waiting 2 hours and more . I just text him he forgot and he's not even in the area aaaaargh had enough of being a mat. Was sunny as well but cloudy now day gone playing on cheap broken guitar. Not my day at all.

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Sorry to hear about your day man, hopefully it gets better and hang in there 😊 and stay positive, things will work out


Awww Dodo nevermind.. can you maybe do your trip tomorrow?

I'm sure you will be refunded for your guitar. When did you buy it do you have a receipt? If it's faulty they have to refund you....


Hello Dodo

When you go to see them over your guitar I know you may want to explode because I think people sometimes do take advantage not sure if they have or not , I hope you may have a receipt but maybe not , but I find if we say something like even though through gritted teeth maybe but ......I know you will want to put this right for me and then go on to tell them what is wrong ....you see saying I know you will want to put this right for me sort of puts them in a position because you have like told them to put it right but made it sound slightly different saying it that way if you get what I mean

Now if the worse comes to the worse and I will keep everything crossed that does not happen but if you have a receipt then you need to contact Trading Standards but even if you don't have one you could still contact them and see what they advise ,think you would need proof of purchase though

If they won't put it right you will need to count to 10 and try and stay calm and say Well obviously you have got away with this but I can assure you that you will gain a reputation and your business will not thrive , turned round walk out and try not to react because I would hate to hear you got in bother even though I know it will hurt but anyway this is the worse that could happen I am hoping to see you posting saying you have it sorted :-)

A door mat , well I can join you in that category , but you know what we have to stop it because all we do as well as letting everyone walk all over us is make our self worth even less and believe me those that use us like a door mat won't be there when we need them in fact when they have done with us they will not even give us a second thought , so it is up to us to say forget it I am not allowing people to do this any more I am worth more than this and you are :-)

Take Care x


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