Any ideas

into 4th month of bad anxiety spell, worst ever. New symptom twitching cramping legs every day all day. Usual headaches , palpitations, feeling like I,m dying etc. Dr gave me quinine gor poss restless legs, didn't work. Won,t give me diazepam. Palps breaking through propranlol doses. All symptoms severe but new ones with legs really scary. Nausea v bad too.


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  • Try magnesium for your cramps. Really helps me a lot.

  • Magnesium (electrolytes) is great for leg cramps and headaches.

  • thanks

    does anyone else find magnesium helpful. I just been researching on internet but most who praise it are the ones making money from it. One Dr who writes books about it has even had her medical licence revoked in past, Dr Carolyn dean. Trouble is statements from such people soon get accepted as true without scientific trials. Its very confusing, no one wants to be duped.

  • Me and my sister both have restless leg syndrome.its really irritating expecially when you try to lay down and go to sleep.try not to worry about it.its not harmful just very annoying.i hope you get to feeling better.wish you the best of luck!

  • thanks for replying but in total panic becase of all other symptoms too

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