Neck tightness

Evening all, I finally went to the doctors today regarding my skipping heart beat and palpitations, all was fine and he was sure it was just due to anxiety so felt so much better all day and not so worried about my heart , however tonight I feel stressed again and I have been having a really tight feeling in both sides of my neck for months , only really notice it when I'm anxious , rest of the time it's either not there or I'm not aware of it , I think it may be from teeth clenching but I'm worried it's something dodgy! It feels like a tight band around both sides of my neck any one else get this as a anxiety symptom ? Thanks , I'm beginning to think every symptom I have is my mind causing it , hate health anxiety 😩


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8 Replies

  • Not a neck strain then? Or is it anxiety.

  • Doesn't feel like a strain it's a tight feeling , checked my lymph nodes ( of course 😊) and all feel fine so sure it's anxiety just wondered if anyone else has the same ? Thanks

  • Anxietyqueen111, I do experience the same tight feeling on both sides of my neck.... My muscles are so incredibly tight. I use heat to try and relax my neck. I tend to hold my tension in the neck and upper back. Hope this helps some.

  • Thank you yes that's sounds just like what I have , I guess I just have to add it to my list of bizarre anxiety symptoms lol !

  • I get neck pain but it was scm strain, look into it. If it's only your anxiety then teach Yourself to ignore it. Scm strain can make you feel unwell but is not hard to sort out.

    I hope you will feel better soon ☺

  • do you get tingly hands aswell and like a tight pressure feeling around your head ? without a headache

  • Hi, No not really more just the neck thing ?

  • I know exactly what you mean. I have my bad days when I can feel every skipped heartbeat and chest vibration and then I start taking my pulse and feeling some kind of vibration coming from my heart area . The more I focus on it the worse it gets so its a vicious cycle . Anxiety makes it worse. Yea, just keep holding on. You'll make it .

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