Anxiety over a very long period of time alfull rib pain one side thinking Iam dyeing

Hi all. I've suffered with anxiety for a while after a big court case I was sexually assaulted as a child over s period of 10 years 4 years ago he went court all the years I thought just me wasn't so. He was going guilty on all accounts. So you can imagine my anxiety has been ongoing. Now turned to health anxiety I've got very painful ribs one side on off pulling odd stabbing Drs said anxiety Iam hunched up most of time I've forgotten how to relax any advice welcome thank you.


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  • Hi, sorry about what you went through. I get pains in my ribs as well. I get pains every where. Suffer with bad anxiety and very nervous. Are you taking any medication?

  • Hi berney I had or have a fear of tablets. But I've find a really good dr who has took me back to 10 mg of citrilopram I was on 30 but I took one then didn't so I've been good and took one everyday for 4 weeks this Friday. I just keep thinking it's something serious. Iam not enjoying life I thought when case was over and it was sentenced I be on how wrong was I I relieved every detail went back to being 9 again it's daft but Iam worn out with theses thoughts xx

  • I have taken medication for years, but there comes a point when they don't work so good. Keep on with yours though. It's so distressing to hear you were only 9 years old when the bad things happened to you. I'm so sorry. Don't worry there's nothing wrong with you, it's all anxiety. Hope you start feeling a bit better soon. xxx

  • Thank you for replying very much appreciated il do my best I suppose it's affecting me more now mentally as a child I learnt to block it c

  • I'm sorry about what happened to you, may God bless you and hang in there okay 😊 and just take time to to find yourself and distract yourself

  • Thank you Alan I don't no how. My family stood by this man in court so I've felt with that as well yet even though years later there was lots of evidence

  • I'm sorry to hear about that but don't worry everything will be okay and work out 😊

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