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So terrified

I feel so fearful right now. My chest is hurting and I was feeling shortness of breath like 15 minutes ago. I feel sleepy but I don't want to sleep. My body feel shaken up even though I'm not shaking. I also feel dizzy and if I were to stand up right now I would instantly pass out. I also have been feeling stressed out lately, not sure if stress plays a main role here by causing chest pain and shortness of breath. As well as leaving me feeling like I'm going to pass out. I don't even think I'm going to manage this anymore. If it really is anxiety then I guess it won. I'll just pray so I can manage these pains and get my normal life back.

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Hi :) I'm knew here and although I've had anxiety my whole life it's only kicked up a notch these last few weeks so I probably can't give you much advice. I feel like you tho that anxiety has won and I hate that I hate feeling weak and defeated! Im having chest pain at the moment too. At times the pain is in my left breast then it's in my chest below the breast. I'm having the odd pain in my right too. My left arm/hand feels weak and tingly and my stomach is in knots. I'm trying to stay calm but can feel the panic swirling in my chest. This is all very scary, it's hard to believe anxiety can make you feel this way. I only joined this group last night and already it's giving me comfort. Hearing other people symptoms and experiences are helping me believe this IS just anxiety and I'm not seriously ill and going to die. I'm on day 3 of citalopram. Yesterday the side effects were awful but I'm sticking to it, I'm determined to feel normal again.

Hope you feel better soon. Don't give up.


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