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Schema therapy failed me

Schema therapy failed me

Hi, I'm a 40 year old BPD sufferer, just coming to the end of a disastrous two years of an NHS Schema therapy trial. If I didn't trust people before, I certainly don't trust people now.

I feel very let down by the therapists I was assigned, one in particular has been extremely unprofessional throughout.

I was told I'd be cured of my 40 year battle with borderline personality disorder, and instead I'm suffering way more with my anxiety, my inability to trust anyone, my isolation, my punitive voice, and my failure at being able to let go of a painful childhood.

What happens now? I've expressed my frustrations with my therapists who have opted to ignore any form of correspondence.

Where do I turn, what do I do, what's next?

Has anyone else experienced utter disappointment with Schema therapy?

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Hey you can trust people, there's good people on here and we care for each other and we'll be all here for you, don't isolate yourself and stay strong, I'm sorry this didn't work for you and hopefully something will, may God bless you


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