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Holiday and anxiety

I'm going to Spain in the morning my first holiday since 2010, and my first holiday with having "anxiety" and I'm already very panicky. The thought of being in a different country and something happening to me is really worrying me. At home I know where my local hospital is, I know how to get there and I know I understand the doctors. Being abroad it's just not the same, it's really shown how bad my anxiety is as this would have NEVER crossed my mind before all this.

I'm also thinking about the flight, and the fact if this isn't anxiety and there is something wrong with my heart how being in the air would make it worse. I went to my GP follow up about my "anxiety" and he reassured me... But I just wanted to know if any of you have felt nervous about a holiday

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Try not to worry I'm sure you will have a great time. Can't you ask your gp for something that might calm you whilst flying? Also distractions like books, magazines maybe a film.

I've felt anxious loads of times when going on holiday, and mines only been travelling by car or coach. Do some deep breathing and think about all the nice things your going to do whilst your there and relaxing on that beach 😁

Hope your feeling better x


Hello Lou X yes I'm exactly the same X I am going abroad in 3 weeks time and I have been suffering with anxiety for a few months now X and the thought f being in a different country stressing me out X but trying to think of the possatuve side of the holiday of being in the sun walking along the beach after breakfast and all the nice things you will be doing relaxing or trying to relax your mind is the hardest thing X but hopefully when we noth reach our holiday we will enjoy X good luck Lou x


I completely understand! I'm on holiday in Spain at the moment! I was slightly anxious about coming (hard to explain but I'm sure you understand it doesn't take much!) I had four great days carefree though! But THEN as soon as I started to think about leaving I started panicking about that and the last two days have been a nightmare! Don't know how that helps sorry but I guess if you must have anxious feelings try to push them back and live in the moment. I'm a bad flyer too lol!


Spain has been nice.. I'm on a hen do though so a lot of drinking is meant to be part of it, I haven't drank and haven't for over a year now... It's hard to be on the same page as everyone when they are drinking and I'm not. I've left all 3 nights early to come back too the hotel, I'm here alone now and I feel really lightheaded and very restless I always think if something happened to me here nobody would know until they got back to the room which would be too late


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