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Cocaine with paranoia not an addiction or isit I take it on weekends after a few pints ease help

It all started about 6 years ago when my mum died I tryes it once and it was good the high but then gradually we all took more and more and then staying up with no sleep I don't do that anymore but I do take some and then I start gettin paranoid thinking people are planning stuff even people I've only just met the other day I wudnt even go my own house because a car turnd the lights on out of nowhere around 2am in the morning this can't go on I've got a baby and a girlfriend I love but I will loose them both soon and the paranoia feels so real I start saying to them what have I sone wrong and stuff sometimes I ha e just started running I've convinced myself I've done something or they are please help I'm not a bad person

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Hello John

O sweetheart I am so sorry you lost your Mum this must have been such a very difficult time as I know you are not very old and must have been and maybe still is hard to deal with , some bereavement counselling may help as I know with you been a young man you might not feel you can talk with your friends but this would be somewhere you could open up

Now the drugs , you need to stop them , this will be contributing to your anxiety and as you know it only takes away the pain or problems for a while and then the pain and issues are still there and always will be unless you deal with them and you could get addicted as well as loose everything , so I am been serious now , get to the Doctors tell all and get help !

You say you are not addicted so if you do not need help stopping taking them then you need to keep away from the people that do so the temptation is not in your way until you feel strong enough to deal with everything without needing to use something and you can say " NO " to anyone offering you anything

Everyone is here to support you John but no one can do this for you because it is you that has to say " No " but when you feel you want to talk , vent or just someone to listen to you we are here for that and that is something we can and will do

And NO one thinks you are a bad person , we are not hear to judge , we all have our own issues as well as they say some skeletons in our own cupboards , I think you are a very sensitive young man and that is why you have ended up trying to numb the pain but we have to learn at some stage how to deal with life , it is hard but you can and I believe will do it :-)

Take Care x


Hi John , you know what to do only you are just asking us for support in this. You have to stop taking this stuff as it is making you mentally ill. Please look for other ways to try and relax. Exercise like swimming is a good one and you can get addicted to that but it isn't harmful as taking these illegal substances. Wishing you all the best. No one thinks you are a bad person but you are doing things which are bad for your mental health. You may need some help to come off in which case you need to Google drugs support agencies. Gemma X

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Thanks so much it is makejng me I'll I have started gettin realy paranoid of it x


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