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drinking not helping my anxiety, vicious circle

im a 26 year old male,

i suffered alot with anxiety so i started the gym doing exercise helped me loads,

recently with the nice weather (bit of sun we have had) i been drinking a lot more with friends and family.

this really doesn't help me, i sometimes find it hard on a night switching off my mind is working overtime, scared to sleep incase i dont wake up, friends and family simply dont understand....

anyone else drink to try block the anxiety but it ends up worse?

nice sometimes to no you aint the only one going threw this....

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Your profile pic made me jump :-/

Yes this is typical with drinking , it numbs the nerves and as it is wearing of they all start kicking in with vengeance making you feel so much worse , also drink is a depressant so can affect you mood as well and make you feel depressed

You seem to know it is not suiting you , so why not cut back , I think people think we have to drink to be sociable and so many do but if it is not suiting you then why ? we can still go out and have a good time and have a pint of orange or something ?

Feel good that you are aware and sensible to know how this affects you and be more sensible and stop drinking just because others might be , if they understand or not that does not matter because it is not having the same affect on them but it matters to you that is has a negative affect when you do and you have to put yourself first :-)

Take Care x

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Hi stan101, you are certainly not the only one struggling with anxiety and all it brings. You have half of the remedy right and that's exercising at the gym. I use to find that working out really gave me a high. As for your drinking, you already know that doesn't help. But you know what stan, we all grasp for whatever we can in trying to relieve ourselves of the fear. My drug of choice is chocolate. It may not sound so bad but when using it to make yourself forget the loneliness and pain of anxiety, it is just as addicting as any other drug. I'm glad you came to this forum. Getting support by others who understand and don't criticize is important because others don't have a clue what we go through emotionally and physically. Stay well


Drinking is definitely an anxiety trigger for me. The part where I'm feeling the effects is not a problem, but when it starts to wear off (and even for days afterwords) my anxiety is definitely heightened. I actually stopped drinking several years ago because of this.

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